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Indiana’s Local Government Cybersecurity Assessment Program

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Why Partner With Cybertrack

The project is designed to put local governments in contact with top tier cybersecurity experts, and provide them practical, prioritized advice about doable, powerful cybersecurity fundamentals. Our goal is to make Indiana more secure in the short term and shape our collective cybersecurity strategy and policy for the long term.

Work with Experts

Access to experts from both Purdue cyberTAP and IU CACR

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Cybertrack is a no-cost program through sponsorship from IOT

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Receive an actionable cybersecurity assessment report

Assessment Benefits and Process

The primary deliverable of each assessment is a report, which will include evaluations of organizational cybersecurity fundamentals and safeguards, actionable recommendations, and explanations thereof. The recommendations will emphasize individual local government’s cybersecurity strategies, with a particular focus on short-term priorities.

From assessment kickoff to report delivery, the whole process takes about 7 weeks to complete, and requires roughly 6-8 hours of effort from your organization. To get to the finish line, your organization will engage in a short kickoff meeting with the Cybertrack Team, provide written responses to a small set of questions, and participate in a 2-hour fact-finding session where your assigned assessment team will interview key personnel. The assessment requires engagement from personnel responsible for the local government entity’s technologies, including information technology as well as operational technology (e.g., security cameras, badge access control systems) where relevant.

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Onboarding Meeting

Assessment program overview and review Written Discovery Request instructions

Written Discovery Requests Delivered

A small set of questions on cybersecurity programmatics and technical safeguards requiring a written response

Face-to-Face Fact Finding (F4)

A 2-hour meeting with the Cybertrack Assessment Team

Report Production

The Assessment Team will produce a brief assessment report with prioritized recommendations

Aggregate Analysis & Results Reports

As part of our goal to inform Indiana's local government cybersecurity policy and strategy, the Cybertrack team produces regular reports of aggregate assessment analysis and results. As we produce these reports, they are posted here.

Read the June 2024 Report

Previous Reports

November 2023 Report

About the Cybertrack Team

Purdue University and Indiana University are two of the nation's leading cybersecurity institutions. With complementary strengths and a commitment to practical cybersecurity, both universities are working together to provide cybersecurity assessments to Indiana communities.

Cybertrack is led by personnel from IU's Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (IU CACR) and the Purdue University Cybersecurity Technical Assistance Program (cyberTAP). Both organizations have extensive experience with cybersecurity assessments and together employ personnel covering a wide range of cybersecurity expertise, including work with local governments. The assessment teams are staffed and led by cybersecurity experts.

For more information about the project, read the IOT's press release.